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Testimonial: Jackie Lehman's Story


Genesis Technologies

When genesisONE goes into business, we seek out clients who will be partners, not just vendors. We like to forge true partnerships with our companies, and Predictive InSight checks that box for us".

-Jackie Lehman, Director of Software Solutions



About Genesis Technologies

Established in 1991, genesisONE is a leading provider of printer services and supplies. Today, the company operates as a comprehensive managed print service nationwide. With over 29 years of experience, genesisONE is renowned for its expertise in managing hardware, software, and service solutions. They have consistently enhanced productivity for companies of all sizes.
As a managed print service provider, genesisONE delivers intelligent services and solutions for printing equipment, software, and billing. Businesses nationwide rely on genesisONE to optimize their printing infrastructure, driving efficiency and effectiveness.

Choosing Predictive InSight

Prior to partnering with Predictive InSight, genesisONE used another data collection agent (DCA) to monitor client printing for billing purposes; this led to challenges in distinguishing supported devices from additional equipment, resulting in unexpected charges. Recognizing the need for a better solution, genesisONE explored options at conferences and engaged with Predictive InSight representatives. After a thorough evaluation, Predictive InSight emerged as the preferred choice.
Leveraging Predictive InSight, genesisONE now offers a highly accurate and intelligent billing system nationwide. "With Predictive InSight, we're billed exclusively for the managed devices we support. Since transitioning, we haven't needed to attend a single conference." For genesisONE, the search for an optimal billing solution has come to an end. They didn't expect the continued growth and development to flourish ahead. 

Transforming the Onboarding Process

GenesisONE quickly recognized the efficiency of onboarding with Predictive InSight. "The process has been remarkably smooth and trouble-free. Any data collection agent installation challenges usually stem from customer security measures, but Predictive InSight simplifies this hurdle."
This transformation in their onboarding process has laid a stronger foundation for success. "Choosing Predictive Insight was partly due to its inclusion of HP in the initial installation, a feature FM Audit did not offer at the time. This consolidated approach, housing HP, SDS, and all data collection information in one portal, streamlined our operations." With Predictive InSight, genesisONE gains a more seamless server navigation, ultimately delivering superior service to its clients.

Enhancing Support Services

As a managed printer service provider, genesisONE oversees the diagnosis, maintenance, and repair of client equipment. "Previously, when a device malfunctioned, we dispatched a technician." However, without Smart Device Services (SDS),each maintenance call was a blind entry. Since transitioning, genesisONE has established an internal help desk that leverages HP SDS to diagnose issues before sending technicians. "Now, with EKM and Predictive InSight, we can resolve problems remotely and even procure replacement parts before breakdowns occur. This approach saves our customers time and reduces costs for us."
"I've received inquiries about Predictive InSight, and I highly recommend it because of the exceptional support and the innovative ways every department in my company finds to utilize the software. EKM with Predictive InSight integrates seamlessly with HP SDS, employs a superior billing methodology, and offers outstanding support."

Securing the Deal

GenesisONE was working closely with a large-scale, potential client, but questions around security began to stall the contract-signing process. At least before Predictive InSight stepped in. "When discussing management services, they raised concerns about the software, particularly the DCA. Security was a primary focus with questions like, where is their data, how secure is it, etc." It was paramount for the client to feel protected before committing to genesisONE. 
Luckily, Predictive InSight offered the robust, intelligent security solutions the client sought with an added personal touch. At this point, the Predictive InSight team stepped in to inform and ensure the client about their secure services. "So, we worked closely with Shawn and the team. They helped get the customer all the necessary information and changed the contracts slightly to address their concerns."
To further bolster confidence in their services, Predictive InSight took an additional step. "Shawn also ended up being a third signator on the contract to appease the customer since Predictive InSight software hosted the data for their machines. This step was pivotal in securing the deal." With robust security solutions and exceptional customer service, Predictive InSight assured the large-scale client to sign under contract with genesisONE. "We're so thankful for the whole team. It was all a huge help to get us to sign on this new customer."

Consistently Innovating

While Predictive InSight provided significant support from the outset, their commitment to ongoing improvement sets them apart in the eyes of genesisONE. "They consistently enhance the software, which is a significant benefit. Including automatic toner and supplies replenishment directly within the software is a game-changer. Our internal help desk team now proactively addresses alerts, allowing us to perform preventative device maintenance."
Another transformative feature Predictive InSight introduced to genesisONE is access to device information. "The built-in HP SDS installer link solution greatly aids genesisONE in managing our customers and providing them with enhanced support. It brings many service calls to light in advance, allowing our technicians to allocate their time effectively. With Predictive InSight, our remote capabilities are extensive."
GenesisONE also notes Predictive InSight's commitment to continuous improvement, responsiveness to client feedback, and drive to create tailored solutions. "One of our VPs requested a specific report to manage unmanaged devices, and they delivered exactly what we needed. They're always ready and able to assist with any request. We have never encountered resistance."
Acknowledging the evolving needs of their clients, Predictive InSight recently integrated Power BI. "We're delving deeper into Microsoft's business intelligence tool, Power BI, introduced in their latest release. This is a significant development that we'll explore in the coming year. It's an exciting prospect, as we're consolidating all our reporting tools and analytics on the Power BI platform and knowing that it integrates with InSight is a huge advantage."
Predictive InSight is committed to community engagement and conducts seminars that provide valuable insights. These seminars act as a touch base, reviewing upcoming software releases and creating a sense of partnership for everyone involved. "I greatly appreciate these seminars, although my schedule sometimes prevents me from attending. When this happens, they record the sessions and share them with me. They proactively arrange meetings to discuss new enhancements and solicit customer feedback."