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Testimonial: Dan Driscoll's Story


Image One

"They grasp the challenges we face, fostering a dialogue akin to colleagues rather than a vendor-client interaction."

- Dan Driscoll, Director of Technical Services

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About Image One

Image One is a leader in document workflow solutions, reshaping organizational processes and enhancing cost-efficiency through a synergy of advanced physical print and software-driven innovations, specializing in document scanning services and business processes. Image One propels businesses into the future by integrating elements such as Image Capture, storage solutions, content management, forms processing, and email archives into a cohesive workflow.

In collaboration with Predictive InSight, Image One has witnessed unprecedented growth, expanding its customer base and offering tailored solutions. They proudly cater to various sectors, including educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and multiple government levels.

Making a Change

Dan Driscoll, with over 16 years at Image One, now serves as the Director of Technical Services. His steadfast commitment to innovation has been a pivotal force in the company. Dan led the transition by identifying the necessity for change in their DCA, FMAudit.

"The DCA was frequently offline, resulting in stale devices and inaccurate reporting; this adversely affected our bottom line due to missed meter reads, prompting us to seek a change."

Determined to find a more reliable and progressive alternative, Dan and his team embarked on a journey to revolutionize their business operations. "Maintaining a connection with our previous DCA was unsustainable. We were aware of superior options in the market, but we didn't anticipate the transformative impact of EKM Insight on our business model."

Choosing Predictive InSight

Image One approached the market with discernment, employing a rigorous scoring system to assess potential solutions based on essential features, desirable qualities, and future potential. Predictive InSight emerged as the clear leader, offering unparalleled value and potential.

"Being primarily an HP shop, we were drawn to the SDS (Smart Device Services). The abundance of HP equipment in the field made this feature particularly appealing. The self-healing DCA promised to address the issue of stale monitors, meeting our stringent security compliance needs, especially considering our government contracts."

Predictive InSight's adoption heralded immediate benefits for Image One. "We discovered the command line feature of Predictive InSight to be a powerful tool in testing individual subnets and IPs, particularly as our clients transition to newer security protocols. This functionality has proven to be a significant asset."

Accelerating the Onboarding Process

During the critical phase of customer conversion, Image One faced typical challenges. However, Predictive InSight equipped them with the necessary tools for smooth transitions.

"Predictive InSight personalized everything for us, extending their team as an extension of ours, facilitating a proactive calling campaign, and significantly aiding the conversion process."

Predictive InSight provided a comprehensive strategy and timeline, setting clear expectations and offering substantial support, including webinar training to elucidate the benefits of their product. This approach expedited the conversion cycle, enhancing efficiency.

"Predictive InSight has transformed into a profit center for us, facilitating network conversions and saving costs by enabling remote configuration of HP machines, a feature we hadn't anticipated but has proven immensely beneficial."

Forging a Partnership

Dan and his team are thrilled with the transition, viewing Predictive InSight as a genuine partner rather than just a vendor. "Their responsiveness and excellent communication make them feel like an integral part of our team. Their proactive approach in keeping us informed about upcoming enhancements is commendable."

Predictive InSight actively collaborates with Image One to foster innovation, developing custom reports and integrating desired features swiftly. "Their commitment to continuous improvement and readiness to tackle new challenges sets them apart, fostering a relationship that couldn't be better."

"They have proven to be an invaluable partner, refining their tool to ensure we can provide accurate reporting to our clients, enhancing our service efficiency, and helping identify cost savings and equipment inefficiencies."

Gaining Client-Centric Expertise

The Image One team appreciates Predictive InSight's deep understanding of their clients and proactive approach. "Shawn's awareness and involvement with each client, including us, is a testament to his dedication. His readiness to assist in any significant initiative or high-profile client engagement is remarkable."

Predictive InSight's exceptional team is always ready to assist, reflecting Shawn's excellent leadership and management skills. "Shawn's ability to delegate projects confidently to his competent team speaks volumes about his leadership prowess."

Empowering Client Engagement

Predictive InSight has integrated seamlessly into Image One's operations, optimizing resource utilization, and enhancing client engagement. "Our sales cycle now includes demos illustrating how we leverage EKM Insight to manage fleets more effectively, a significant enhancement from the past."

Image One offers customized playbooks for each client, facilitating more straightforward communication and smoother operations. "Predictive InSight has become an indispensable tool, enabling us to provide precise installation instructions and network requirements, enhancing our service delivery and client relationships."

Synergizing for Success

"They are straightforward and honest individuals who are deeply engaged in our projects and possess a rich industry background. Their team, including consultants with experience similar to mine, brings a depth of understanding to our challenges, fostering a collaborative and fruitful partnership rather than a mere vendor-client relationship."