Securely monitor, manage, and control the print environment with PrintelligenceTM.

PrintelligenceTM software data capture includes analytics to understand the who, what, when where, how and why of print security behavior and print policy enforcement. When users know that you know who prints what and from what application and to what device, behaviors that lead to business security risk are dramatically reduced.

“Ink on paper can be a costly liability if the printed document is not properly tracked, secured, or prevented.”

PrintelligenceTM software provides the document security features to monitor after-hours printing and resigned employee print activity, sensitive document barcoding, secure mobile print and monitor endpoint activity monitoring.

  • Who is printing? (internal or remote user/resigned employee/authorized?)
  • What is being printed? (application/document type?)
  • When was the document printed? (date/time/after hours?)
  • Where was the document printed? (local/network/device name/location?)
  • How was the document printed? (quantity/finished/color/b&w?)
  • Was the document bar-coded for chain of custody?

Device Analytics


Diagnosis and validate reports and findings


Propose solution based on assessment


Implement recommendations


Deploy print policy to implement,inspect, and manage recommendations


Conduct ongoing client reviews to monitor, report, manage and optimize

Ease of Deployment

PrintelligenceTM Client Application installation on print servers and/or workstations allows you to push out to multiple locations easily and painless at the customer location.

  • Cloud-based
  • No hardware required
  • No network infrastructure changes
  • 2 part deployment of 30,000 users in 15 minutes