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Manage Print like any other IT Service with InSight.

  • Automate your meter collections, consumables replenishment, and service alerts.
  • Predictive consumables algorithms reduce costs and give you total control of your consumables replenishment.
  • Reduce your service and support costs.
  • Highly secure military-grade transmission algorithm with store and forward.

  • Intelligent Data Collector, cleans data at the collector.
  • Optimized Data Collection, only collects required data when necessary, massively reduces network loading.
  • Predictive consumables algorithms
  • Predictive maintenance Information
  • Accurate normalized meters for simplified billing
  • HP SDS 2.0 certified: including Predictive Maintenance, configuration, USB, EWS, and remote remediation.

IDENTITY Loop identifies if devices are online and maintains an up-to-date list for the other monitor loops. This minimized network traffic and promotes the efficiency of data collection

TRAY LOOP: Checks trays and media levels, and records to table.

CONSUMABLES LOOP: Checks and validates consumable levels, and records to table. Actions requests according to request rules.

METER READING LOOP: Collects device readings

ALERTS LOOP: Checks device status, and actions device alert messages according to alert rules

IDENTITY LOOP: Checks device availability, and triggers IMAC process if required

Printer and Multi-functional devices that provide print copy and scan functions are today a part of all companies IT infrastructures.

Services supporting and managing printing equipment should be considered as IT services and managed in exactly the same way as all other IT services. Those services should be forward-looking, planned, robust, and secure delivering an optimized service for the business and ensuring high service availability supporting users in doing their job delivering value to the business.

There are however a few complexities associated with printing equipment that need to be taken into account less critical with other IT equipment which requires a higher level of sophistication in the management infrastructure.

Asset Management

Printing equipment requires a regular supply of consumables and maintenance services. It is therefore imperative that the location of the printing assets is known and kept up to date to ensure consumables and services are delivered to the right location. Printing equipment can often be moved and with the very best will in the world change control may not trap all of these moves and changes. Active asset moves and change control is therefore at the core of a high-quality print service.

Consumable supply chain management

Printing equipment requires replacement consumables to be delivered efficiently and at the right time to maintain the user service but to minimize stock and inventory holding. Therefore, the IT service needs to account for this with intelligent demand forecasting and active supply chain management. It needs to know which consumables to order for which equipment and ensure they are delivered to the right location at the right time.

Planned service and maintenance management – effective service chain management

Printing equipment is certainly an IT asset, but it is also a fine-tuned piece of electromechanical equipment. As such it requires active service and maintenance to be efficiently delivered to maintain high user service availability. This will be more frequent than other IT equipment and requires to be effectively planned and organized to minimize customer disruption and to efficiently utilize service resources to ensure the minimum cost of service delivery.

Usage tracking and planning

To ensure optimal value for the business and effective return on the asset value deployed the usage, that is how much is printed, needs to be appropriate to the equipment capability, its performance, and cost. Usage patterns do change in all businesses therefore knowledge of usage is important to ensure the right assets are in the right locations supporting the business in an optimum way. Usage is also a key cost driver associated with consumable consumption and service visits. If a cost per page or cost per copy is the service charging model used this will be directly associated with the cost of the service and a critical item to be correct both for the service provider and the end customer.

Designed for Lifecycle Service management

Insight software has been designed specifically to address these needs to ensure that Print can be finally managed just like any other IT service, managing the entire service lifecycle from Service Strategy, Service Design, Service Transformation and Service Operation with active Continuous Improvement to fully support the principles of ITIL®.

The software is intelligent, learns from your environment and helps both end users and service providers achieve an optimised print service working together.

The critical element – Customer Value

End-users experience an improved, reliable, and highly available service, Service providers increase their productivity assisting in increasing the service value they can offer to their customers.

Available as a secure cloud service, private cloud service or on premise service with advanced roles and workflows with highly sophisticated remote control capabilities and flexible integration Insight provides the flexibility and value to meet the most diverse and demanding operating requirements.

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For Managed Service Providers, IT resellers, Printer Consumables Resellers
  • Highest operational productivity – Top quality service delivered with the lowest operational cost
  • Flexibility to provide fully managed services, consumable sales automation, and collaborative customer services
  • Highly productive service delivery scales with minimal additional resource
  • Secure Private cloud service
  • Unrivaled remote control and real-time information for efficient and effective decision support
  • Scales from SME to Large Enterprises functionally, operationally and securely
  • Global data center locations to comply with current and future data protection requirements, scale and performance
  • On-premise option for sensitive customers and onsite service delivery
  • ERP Integration and supply chain optimization
  • Consumables only services
  • Opens new service opportunities to add customer value and expand your market with low-cost sales leads from customers who must order consumables today – why not from you?
  • Distribution price, availability, automatic ordering, and shipment including accounting system integration for low cost, low touch productive customer value

For End-Users
  • Self-Manage your print service should you wish to do so
  • Collaborate efficiently with your Service Provider
  • Manage your internal processes efficiently
  • Active collaborative moves and change management
  • Consumables from Dock to Device
  • Paper replenishment
  • Print equipment load balancing
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